TSC online leave application 2023

TSC online leave application 2023

TSC online leave application 2023

This is the top website in Kenya for news on education. Get thorough guides and news that have been exhaustively researched on this page. Today I’ll take you through TSC leave application online procedure.

In its Strategic Plan, the Commission highlighted reforms and innovation in the provision of its services as a strategic priority area with the purpose of improving service delivery to employees and stakeholders.

To achieve this goal, the Commission effectively automated and moved the leave application and approval procedure to an online system. TSC insists on not accepting manual applications for all types of leaves.

All teachers, including interns, are now required to apply for leave online.

The steps for applying for TSC leave online are outlined here.


System Access and Login by Teachers

To access the system, Open web browser(e.g Chrome,FireFox) and the HRMIS Url: hrmis.tsc.go.ke or go to TSC Website www.tsc.go.ke>>Online Services>> HRMIS-

Teachers and click Leave

Put in your details;

  • TSC No,
  • ID Number,
  • Mobile No and click

A six- digit authorization code will be sent to your mobile number

Put in the authorization code and click login

On successful login the system is able to detect if you are either primary or post primary teachers

Click +Submit to apply for leave

Choose your preferred leave type and fill all the details and click Ok once done

Fill all the details and click Ok

The leave applied will be displayed as in the screen below. Click attachment to attach a document for the leaves that requires attachment

Click on the attachment icon to attach your document

The window below is displayed. Click on on File attachment icon as shown to upload your document

Click on on Browse to locate your document

Check the declaration box and Click Ok

Click close to exit

The screen below will be displayed

HOI(Head of Institution) Recommendation

System Access and Login by Teachers

To access the system, On the web browser enter the HRMIS url: hrmis.tsc.go.ke or go to TSC Website www.tsc.go.ke>>Online Services>> HRMIS>>Teachers and click HOI Portal

Enter your details and click Login

Enter the authorization code send to your mobile phone and click

The screen below is displayed. Under the View/edit column click the “pen” Icon to input your remarks

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